From chalk and crayons to drawing for hours with a mouse on a monochrome screen in the very early versions of photoshop: my obsession with drawing began at a very young age. As it was as fun as easy for me, I won a lot of local and national awards during my childhood and youth.
I attended artistic bachelor and a superior degree in illustration but I always had much wider interests (culture & history, science, technology and many more) and I advance faster by myself so I think about me as essentially self-taught.
From bottom at local traditional prints, then in design studios serving clients across my country and eventually branching out internationally on my own. I have done all kinds of work within the macrocosm of creativity: I have experience in all types of traditional and digital arts, design, photography and video, corporate image, advertising, new communication strategies and viral ideas, trends advice and creative solutions...

I'm a rare breed in my field: I've experienced the evolution from the old and huge printing process with movable type (part of my family owned a local printing business for several generations) until the complete digitalization and globalization of the business, and now the incoming era of the AI.
I've collaborated with a diverse range of clients, including large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, institutions, organizations, social movements, and indie projects. I believe the success of an idea or initiative relies less on its material resources and more on the intelligence and courage with which it is executed.
Currently, I work on comissions, licensing my designs and on my own projects.
If you have anything in mind, don't hesitate to reach out.